Gray Heroes: Elder Tales from Around the World. Edited by Jane Yolen.
Review by Stephen Canham.

Matengo Folktales. Recorded and translated by Joseph L. Mbele, with commentaries.
Review by Cynthia Ward.

The Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales: The Western Fairy Tale Tradition from Medieval to Modern. Edited by Jack Zipes.
Review by Steven Swann Jones.

New Tales for Old: Folktales as Literary Fictions for Young Adults. By Gail de Vos and Anna E. Altmann.
Review by Victoria G. Dworkin.

Alice in the Oral-Literary Continuum. By Bjorn Sundmark.
Review by Jan Susina.

Old Beginnings. Written and performed by Tamadhur Al-Aqeel.
Chagall’s Arabian Nights. By Karim Alrawi. Directed by Debra L. Wicks.
Arabian Nights. By Peter Barnes. Directed by Steve Barron.
Review by Joseph Gaughan.

Tales and Translation: The Grimm Tales from Pan-Germanic Narratives to Shared International Fairytales. By Cay Dollerup.
Review by Karen Seago.

Homo narrans: Studien zur populären Erzählkultur. Edited by Christoph Schmitt.
Review by Jack Zipes.

Summit Avenue. By Mary Sharratt.
Review by Suzanne Kosanke.