Briar Rose. By Robert Coover.
Review by Stephen Benson.

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Review by Stephen Benson.

Burning Your Boats: The Collected Short Stories. By Angela Carter. Introduction by Salman Rushdie.
Review by Danielle M. Roemer.

Feminist Fairy Tales. By Barbara G. Walker.
Review by Janet L. Langlois.

Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales. By Virginia Hamilton. Illustrated by Leo and Diane Dillon.
Review by Stephen Canham.

The Bedbugs’ Night Dance and Other Hopi Sexual Tales. Collected, translated and edited by Ekkehart Malotki.
Review by Ernest Ament.

Anthology of Catalan Folktales. Edited and translated by Edward J. Neugaard.
Review by Carme Oriol.

Monsters, Tricksters, and Sacred Cows: Animal Tales and American Identities. Edited by A. James Arnold.
Review by Paul Lyons.

The Narrative World of Finnish Fairy Tales. By Satu Apo.
Review by Ruth B. Bottigheimer.

In and Out of Enchantment: Blood Symbolism and Gender in Portuguese Fairy Tales. By Isabel Cardigos.
Review by Cristina Bacchilega.

Fairy Tales, Sexuality and Gender in France, 1690-1715: Nostalgic Utopias.By Lewis C. Seifert.
Review by Jacques Barchilon.

The Sibling Society. By Robert Bly.
Review by Lee Haring.

Six Myths of Our Time: Little Angels, Little Monsters, Beautiful Beasts, and More. By Marina Warner.
Review by Louise Speed.

Wie Dornröschen seine Unschuld gewann: Archäologie der Märchen. Mit einem Essay von Peter Bichsel. By Beat Mazenauer and Severin Perrig.
Review by Rachel Freudenburg.

Creative Storytelling: Building Community, Changing Lives. By Jack Zipes.
Review by Kay Stone.

The Grammar of Fantasy: An Introduction to the Art of Inventing Stories. By Gianni Rodari. Translated by Jack Zipes.
Review by Luisa Del Giudice.

The Fairy Tale Revised: A Survey of the Evolution of the Tales, from Classical Literary Interpretations to Innovative Contemporary Dance-Theater Productions. By Katia Canton.
Review by Anne U1mer.

Kinderleben oder das Märchen ohne Ende. By Friedrich Wilhelm Carové. Translated by Sarah Austin.
Review by Dennis F. Mahoney.

Ei’, welcher Unsinn liegt im Sinn? Robert Walsers Umgang mit Märchen und Trivialliteratur. Von Andrea Hübner.
Review by Katalin Horn.

Grimm-Philologie: Beiträge zur Märchenforschung und Wissenschaftsgeschichte. By Lothar Bluhm.
Review by James M. McGlathery.

Die Schöne aus dem Glassarg. By Theodor Ruf.
Review by Ruth B. Bottigheimer.

Who's Who im Märchen. By Ulf Diederichs.
Review by Reinhard Friederich.