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We recently released our new digital collections platform, based around an implementation of Fedora Commons, the open-source digital repository software. By building a system from the ground up, we have learned a great deal about interface design, workflow management, the evaluation of pre-existing tools and systems, as well as building and using APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces) to our advantage. At this session, we will outline specific software and technologies we used and why, as we discuss our experience of creating a digital collections platform.

Audience members will come away with a better sense of what, for one library, it meant to do this on their own, without the use of an existing framework like Islandora and Drupal. Additionally, they will able to identify some of the key technological pieces used to bring it all together.


Library and Information Science


Presented at Michigan Library Association (MLA) 2014 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 10/2014.