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The Digital Commons software is relatively feature-rich, but as repository managers we often find ourselves thinking, "I wish I could..." This presentation, delivers at the Digital Commons Great Lakes User Group annual meeting at Valparaiso University, IN, outlines two relatively easy extensions of Digital Commons that use its native features in novel ways. One ("Preserving and Tracking Permissions in Digital Commons") takes advantage of the system to manage permissions recordkeeping, and the other ("Paper of the Day Emails") exploits the quarterly archive for an automatic marketing program. Attendees will discover sustainable ways to keep themselves in copyright compliance and their repositories in their users' thoughts.


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This presentation is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 License. Supplemental material, including speaking notes for the original presentation, are available at the DigitalCommons@WayneState record for this presentation. (4 kB)
"POTD e-mail" speaking notes

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