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For over a decade library literature has championed the benefits of open access institutional repositories. Many academic librarians and library administrators agree upon the idea of an open access institutional repository and have invested in running a repository. The open access movement has begun to change the landscape of research and scholarly publishing through mandates and shifting publisher policies. Despite these advances, repository content growth has been slow in North America.

Wayne State University’s repository—Digital Commons—has existed since 2005 but experienced similarly slow growth. In late 2008, Wayne State addressed this issue with the creation of an actionable roadmap that involved library liaisons, library services, and outreach to faculty. The fruits of this plan are now beginning to be evident, with a 200% increase in both use of and contributions to Digital Commons. Sharing examples over the last two years, the presenter will address challenges, successes, and failures by highlighting policy decisions, workflows, real-life experiences, and ideas for library services that facilitate repository growth.


Library and Information Science


This presentation was given at the 2011 Annual Michigan Library Association Conference on Oct. 27, 2011 in Kalamazoo, MI.