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Faculty may be unaware of how many library resources are available to support their course assignments. Additionally their assignments may not be designed in a way that makes the best use of library resources. “Shopping list” assignments may cause students to spend too much time searching and not enough time engaging with the material and developing higher order thinking skills.

Two Wayne State Librarians share their experiences in developing a workshop for faculty to help them integrate the library in a meaningful way, to support student learning and development of information literacy skills. Using persistent linking to embed articles, book chapters, database search results, and library instructional videos in assignment descriptions, faculty can learn to include library content in a way that will encourage students’ use and analysis of appropriate scholarly information. Though the short term goals of the faculty workshop are to integrate the library, the long term goal and potential outcome is to collaborate with faculty as pedagogical partners.

Participants in this program will engage in a series of interactive tasks that will enable them to construct a plan for a similar workshop tailored to their faculty. Participants will identify a venue and partner for a similar workshop in their own institution, strategies to motivate their faculty to attend, and appropriate faculty-focused workshop content.


Library and Information Science


This presentation was given at the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference in Traverse City, MI on Nov 10-12, 2010.

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