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Our Story: ILL in the Time of COVID-19

[WSULS Virtual Conference 2020, Wayne State University Library System]

This session recounts and reflects on the 2020 COVID-19 experience for WSULS' PK and UGL ILL team members, and lessons we are taking away from this experience to implement into our library lives post-pandemic. Points highlighted on the timeline to include: the speed at which a plan of action was created for a remote work transition, and the impact on team connectivity/productivity from zero lapse in contact; the steadiness of communication, both professionally and personally; the team's heightened bond due to this shared experience; a collected, supportive team effort on orientation for a newer team member; remote expansion of ILL services (the addition of an instant help chat, and work to create an ILL LibGuide for the WSULS website); active reviewing and learning ILL policies, thanks to these remote efforts to expand services; the leadership and innovation that continues to be shown virtually.

(Presenters: Sherry Barclay, Robin Darling, Megan Hakala, and Deb Horanic)


Library and Information Science