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The library subscribes to many e-textbooks and Q-bank tools to facilitate pharmacy students’ preparation of North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX). Because these resources are included in various subscription packages, making them discoverable and easily accessible are important to make best use of library resources. This poster will discuss how to promote NAPLEX resources using LibGuides and deliver the specially designed quiz assignments to the students at the point of preparation and the collaboration between a librarian and pharmacy educational specialist.


Resources the library subscribes for NAPLEX preparation were selected, organized, and displayed based on faculty recommendation, students' feedback, and LibGuides best practices tips. Students can choose online Q-bank questions for practice by topics, pharmacy education competencies, disorders, etc. from this one-stop-shopping NAPLEX preparation LibGuides page. To further promote the use of library resources and increase students’ examination scores, the educational specialist identified a variety of pharmacy education competencies under NAPLEX Blueprint and created assignments that would align with these competencies for P4 students. The assignment, including 10-15 quiz questions selected from NAPLEX resources, was distributed to a student group prior to board examination. Each week students would receive and conduct a new-competency-based assignment, review correct answers with rationale and get feedback on their performance.


The team collaboration plays a key role to ensure fast access to core NAPLEX resources and systematic delivery of Q-bank questions to students at the point of preparation, and thus advanced the usage of library resources and led to greater student success.


Library and Information Science | Medical Education | Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Poster presented at the Medical Library Association Annual Conference 2021