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Many libraries, traditionally one of the biggest employers of students on our campuses, have embraced recent trends to expand the roles and voices of student employees in our daily work. Our university is no different, but rather than focusing simply on building job responsibilities, we have adopted a more multi-dimensional approach when it comes to these opportunities. Recognizing that our student employees are diverse in their academic, professional and personal interests, our program is based on identifying their unique talents and providing them with an avenue to develop through meaningful work on library teams and projects. In addition, we are placing special emphasis on their personal leadership growth so that they may demonstrate team leadership, creative thinking, and influencing to future employers. With our student assets as partners, we have the ability to be more responsive to our broader student community needs. During this session, we will be sharing the story of how we developed and implemented our student experiential learning program while engaging attendees in activities to identify opportunities to build programs that include library student employees in meaningful professional experiences.


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STEP Student Assistant Questionnaire

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