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Performing systematic reviews (SR) and meta-analyses is an arduous and time-consuming process that involves not only comprehensive literature searching but also record de-duplication, title/abstract and full-text screening, data extraction, quality assessment, statistical analysis, data visualization, report writing, and the creation of a bibliography. In the past several years, several digital tools and software have become available to facilitate different steps of the systematic review process. However, due to the growing number of tools, it can be difficult for systematic reviewers to make fully informed decisions about which tool(s) to use. Here, we (1) compile a comprehensive list of currently available digital tools for managing steps of the systematic review process, (2) map the functionality of each tool onto various steps of the process with further consideration of their price, training materials, and technical support.


Library and Information Science | Medical Education | Research Methods in Life Sciences


Poster presented at the 2018 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, May 18-23, Atlanta, GA.