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The Citizens Research Council announces the release of the Catalog of Local Government Services. The Catalog is the result of a survey sent to the governments of 670 counties, cities, villages, and counties in 24 Michigan counties. The surveys asked which services are provided to residents of each community, and if the services are provided, whether they are provided by the units themselves, through cooperative arrangements, by another unit, or by contract. Responses were received from about 70 percent of the units contacted. The data show that Michigan cities, villages, and townships cannot be characterized in simple terms. The menu of services provided by different units is broad and the methods used to provide those services equally diverse. The Citizens Research Council plans to use the Catalog of Local Government Services for future studies to expand on opportunities for efficiencies. The information is made available at this time for others to use the data for their own needs.


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The Citizens Research Council of Michigan is a private, not-for-profit public affairs research organization established in 1916 to provide nonpartisan analysis of state and local government organization and finance in Michigan. http://www.crcmich.org/