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Two polymorphic sites, — 107 C -> T and — 100 G -> C with respect to the cap site of the human beta pseudogene of the hemoglobin gene, are described. They have been studied in five European, one Indian, two Asian, and two sub-Saharan African populations. The — 107 C ->• T site turned out to be polymorphic in all five European populations and the Indian population (pooled q = 0.142 ± 0.018) and in the two Asian populations (pooled q = 0.073 ± 0.025), but it was monomorphic in the two sub-Saharan populations. On the contrary, the — 100 G -> C site was polymorphic in the two sub-Saharan samples (q = 0.093 ± 0.024), but the variant allele was not found in any of the European, Indian, or Asian samples. Thus this only 8-bp-long stretch of DNA is informative for estimating the extent of genetic admixture in sub-Saharan Africans.