Date of Award

Fall 12-9-2023

Thesis Access

WSU Access Only (1 year) Honors Thesis

Thesis Location

Honors College Thesis

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Faculty Advisor

Paul Echeverria


My Honors Thesis is a film adaptation of the 2011 novel Enclave by Ann Aguirre into a feature-length movie script. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where humans have mutated into "Freaks" and the few people that have survived have gathered below ground in estranged communities. Through Act 1 Setup, Act 2 Adventure, and Act 3 Resolution, I will introduce Deuce's environment, backstory and several key characters. I'll build other elements such as her daily life in her role as a Hunter, as well as the structure of her society and her enemies such as a controlling Enclave leadership and the Freaks. We have a launching event that leads to the sentencing of Fade and Deuce to make an intelligence run to Nassau, another enclave far away through Freak-infested territory. Act 2 includes the run to Nassau where insight on the increased Freak presence is received and Fade and Deuce’s bond form. They’re exiled from the Enclave and forced to go aboveground as a result of government disobedience, and they tackle new enemies in a new world including gang members, and even, the presence of Freaks aboveground, as well. Act 3 allows the group to get out of the city and recoup, isolating in a cabin and shifting relationships. Once healed, the group starts to journey north again and meets their climax in a final battle and an unexpected rescue.

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