Date of Award

Summer 7-31-2018

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Degree Name



Kinesiology and Pedagogy

Faculty Advisor

Mario Vassallo


The field of biomechanics studies the mechanical facets related to living organisms. Often categorized under the study of kinesiology, biomechanics specifically examines these mechanical features in terms of human movement. As a result, biomechanics has become especially beneficial to athletes of all levels and across all sports. Not only does biomechanical research give athletes a competitive edge, it can also keep them injury free during practices as well as in competitions. This thesis will discuss the biomechanics of how common sports injuries occur, and what risk factors athletes may have that leave them more susceptible to injury. Common injuries mentioned include concussions, ACL damage, and shoulder dislocations. The biomechanical causes of these injuries includes examining forces, acceleration, and positioning of the human body at the time of injury. The research behind designing injury prevention plans for these injuries will also be examined, in addition to how these plans are designed.

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