Date of Award

Winter 5-1-2016

Thesis Access

Open Access Honors Thesis

Degree Name



Honors College

Faculty Advisor

Christopher Crowley


The United States is continuously growing, and as it grows it has become more and more diverse. As diversity increases, awareness of culture becomes a more pressing and important manner. So, while schools have often worked to include and encourage multiculturalism and diversity within their boundaries, one major section has been left out of the equation. The importance of linguistic diversity is vastly misunderstood and left out of teacher education programs, negatively impacting young students, particularly those of traditionally marginalized groups. In order to better prepare prospective teachers and to help provide a real social change in an inherently racialized society providing teachers and students with proper education about the cultural, social, and even economic ties that dialect has on people in society will help to promote learning, acceptance, and achievement within schools and society alike.