Date of Award

Spring 5-1-2014

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Open Access Honors Thesis

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Honors College Thesis

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Faculty Advisor

Thomas Edwards


With technology becoming more prevalent every day, it is imperative that students gain enough experience with different technological tools in order to be successful in the “real-world”. This thesis will discuss the debate and overall support for an increased usage of calculators as tools in the secondary level classroom. When the idea of calculators in the classroom first came to life, many educators were very apprehensive and quite hesitant of this change. Unfortunately, more than 40 years later, there is still hesitation for their usage; and rightfully so. While there are plenty of advantages of calculator use in the classroom, there are certain concerns that must be met for a successful implementation. The concerns range from teachers being untrained in the use of calculators to teachers simply not believing that calculators (or technology as a whole) is beneficial to students in the classroom. The advantages, however, are more than worth fighting for. Think of a world where students graduate high school and are truly prepared for university level mathematics. Where students actually enjoy going to their math class. This is what calculators can do for the classroom. This, however, must be done through careful planning, collaboration and continued research; but as long as educators are willing to learn, calculators, as well as other technology will continue to thrive and be beneficial in the classroom. One thing is certain, there has to be a compromise at some point; and hopefully in that compromise the students will receive the education that they both need and deserve.