Date of Award

Winter 5-9-2013

Thesis Access

Open Access Honors Thesis

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Honors College Thesis

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Elementary Education

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kristy Brugar


What are the best teaching strategies? How can educators help children learn most effectively? Are there strategies that can be used to teach children in meaningful and engaging ways while still keeping up with state standards? Questions like these have been raised by parents and educators for many years and are widely discussed and debated topics in the educational realm. The following paper attempts to answer these questions by investigating the effectiveness of elementary school classroom manipulatives. It outlines a research study that was conducted by Holly Berkseth, an undergraduate student from the College of Education at Wayne State University. This paper opens with a discussion of prior research and findings on the use of manipulatives in the elementary school classroom, and goes on to provide a thorough explanation of the design and findings of the research study that was conducted. The results of this study will benefit those affected by the practices and procedures in the elementary school setting and will provide useful information to current elementary school teachers in regards to the planning of their lessons and implementation of strategies. The results of this study aim to assist teachers in providing the most efficient and effective means of education to elementary school students.