From Alienation to Hallucination: Peter Whitehead's The Fall and the Politics of Perception in the 1960s
Tina Rivers

After The Fall: Politics, Representation, and the Permanence of Empire in the Cinema of Peter Whitehead
Jeremy Varon

Peter Whitehead's The Fall Revisited
Marjorie Rosen

New York Film Festival Invitation Letter, 1967
Framework Editors

The Fall Dossier: Extracts
Peter Whitehead

Two Film Treatments: Protest and The Fall
Peter Whitehead

Second Take of Imaginary Narration
Peter Whitehead

Manifesto: Re Self in Film
Peter Whitehead

The Inner Space Project, Review Essay, Afterimage: Film and Politics, 1970
John Lyle

I Destroy Therefore I Am . . . , Interview, Films and Filming, 1969
Peter Whitehead

I Dream Therefore I Am. I Doubt Therefore I Film, Guardian, 2002
Peter Whitehead