Dorit Naaman

Article Notes

This special issue has been long in the making, and I wish to thank the contributors for the patience with which they awaited this publication. I, and Framework editors, Annette Hill and Drake Stutesman, would like to thank Jostein Gripsrud who organized a seminar in conjunction with this themed issue, and as part of the ‘Cultural Disorder’ project at the University of Bergen, Norway. To Marianne Ronning who made our time there so pleasant, many thanks as well. Many people have helped to see this issue come through by making suggestions, reading work, and helping me connect with a great variety of artists and scholars (only part of whom are represented here). I would like to thank Hamid Naficy, Livia Alexander, Ella Shohat, Linda Dittmar, Laura Marks, Anne Ciecko, John Downing, Paul Willemen, and Annabell Sreberny. Thanks to Central Africaine Cinématographique for the still from Casablancans, and to Jayce Salloum, Walid Ra’ad, James Longley and Akram Zaatri for their personal photographs. I wish to thank Annette Hill for inviting me to edit this issue, trusting that I will see it through despite my lack of experience. And finally, to Drake Stutesman, who worked as hard on this issue as I did, who consulted me on every step of the road, who lent an ear when I was hopeless, and who put many hours into editing the final manuscripts. This issue is as much her baby as it is mine...

Framework’s editors especially want to thank Dorit Namaan for her generous perseverence in getting this issue together despite long uncertainty and changes. Without her willingness to ride out these vicissitudes and her unfailing patience and positivity, there would be no Middle Eastern Media Arts issue. Also, to Joe Tully for his consistent, invaluable computer skills.