Cover Page Footnote

The research for this article was supported by a 2020–2021 ACLS/Burkhardt Residential Fellowship at the Newberry Library. I am grateful for the feedback given by the participants in the Newberry Fellows’ Seminar in March 2021, especially from Liesl Olson, and in the earliest formations of this work at the University of Chicago’s Mass Culture workshop in May 2018, especially from Tom Gunning. I presented versions of portions of this essay at the University of Iowa, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Indiana University, Ghent University, the University of Chicago, and the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. I deeply appreciate the feedback and suggestions received at these talks, and I am especially grateful to film archivist Dino Everett for first sharing his rediscovery with me. Thanks also to Daniel Morgan for his comments on multiple drafts of this essay.