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In the present investigation a questionnaire was developed to assess physical education teachers' self-efficacy for teaching classes in which their students were engaged in high levels of physical activity (i.e., at least 50% of class time). Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses resulted in the development of a 16-item, 4-factor, multidimensional physical education teachers' physical activity self-efficacy scale (PETPAS) that produced reliable and valid scores. The Student factor reflected teachers' efficacy for managing students who didn't enjoy or value physical activity. The Time factor was indicative of teachers' efficacy when they didn't have enough time to teach. The Space factor reflected teachers' efficacy perceptions when they had difficulty teaching because of a lack of space. Finally, the Institution factor was composed of questions that represented teachers' efficacy beliefs for overcoming a lack of institutional support. The results of the current study provide preliminary psychometric support for the PETPAS.


Cognitive Psychology | Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Health Psychology | Kinesiology | Sports Sciences | Sports Studies