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An open access, peer reviewed journal marrying research and clinical practice through critical appraisal and clinical application of research, brief reports on evidence-based practice in the real world, and new research affecting medical education. The Journal aspires to meet a critical societal need, as healthcare and practice go through convulsive changes.

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Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2 (2017)

From the Editors

Critical Analyses


Remote video monitoring is another example of “dying on the machine” for critically ill patients
Noveera A. Mirza, Joshua A. Christian, and Christopher M. LaJeunesse

Informed Consent


Reframing outcome measures for thrombolytics in acute ischemic stroke
Brandon Baker, Charles W. Kropf, Nicholus Yee, and James Peter Meza

Letters to the Editor


Quality? Safety? Stop Being Naïve.
Rana K. Zaban DO, Steven Istephan, and Jonathan Serman MD