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“Brief, critical appraisal and application of clinical research, emphasizing the clinical utility of the research paper.”

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Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2 (2016)

From the Editors


From the editors
Thomas C. Bolig, William Kane, and Mitchell Kentor

Critical Analyses


Restriction therapy in acute heart failure is not shown to be effective
Amrit K. Basi, Colleen W. Harkreader, Nicholus H. Yee M.D., Shadia A. Yeihey M.D., and Suraiya K. Azom M.D.


Spinal compression fractures: no additional pain relief with use of back braces
Kayla A. Berigan, Brandon Baker, Zakaria Ahmad, and Aaron Simpson



Earth Suit
Bowhee Gwak and Young Park

Letter to the Editor