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Joshua Collins

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Henry Ford Hospital - Internal Medicine

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Research Abstract

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Streptococcus cristatus is a member of the Mitis streptococcus group. Like other members of this group, it resides in mucosal surfaces of the oral cavity but rarely causes disease. We present a case of S. cristatus bacteremia and “possible endocarditis” (per the modified Duke criteria) in a 59-year-old male suffering from end- stage cryptogenic cirrhosis. To date, it is the fifth reported case of disease caused by the microbe, and the first adult case in which S. cristatus was the sole microbe identified. Our patient had a history of dental caries and poor dentition, which were likely the source of the infection. Despite having end-stage liver disease, our patient did not suffer serious complications from the infection, which contradicts previous cases that resulted in severe endocarditis. Our patient was successfully treated with ceftriaxone, whereas the only other case involving ceftriaxone resulted in treatment failure.


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