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Kelechi Okoroha

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Henry Ford Health System

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Introduction: MotusBASEBALL (MOTUS) has proven to be a reliable and accurate method for evaluating the multifactorial kinesiology involved with pitching. We sought to review the use of MOTUS in assessment of pitching parameters and identify its practicality as an injury prevention tool across the literature.

Methods: A systemic review of the literature was preformed, using key words such as MOTUS, baseball, pitcher, sensor and arm sleeve, identifying 77 total articles. Inclusion criteria entailed original articles that used MOTUS and studied baseball pitchers across any level of sport.

Results: A total of 13 articles met the inclusion criteria, producing a sample of 493 male athletes with a mean age of 18.7. Uniformly across studies, elbow torque was a primary metric and was observed in relation to a wide range of variables, such as pitch type, height, weight and arm length. Additionally, MOTUS was able to detect several other pitching metrics, such as arm speed, shoulder rotation and arm slot, displaying a wide range of capabilities.

Conclusion: We suspect MOTUS technology could become a significant tool for observing pitching mechanics in real time, as well as an injury prevention tool to be used by players, coaches and trainers across all levels of baseball.


Medicine and Health Sciences

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