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Dr. Ralph Williams II

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Department of Family Medicine

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Clinical Research

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The Robert R. Frank Student Run Free Clinic at WSUSOM, surveyed patients to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its patient population. The study examined any challenges faced in food, financial status, transportation, and healthcare. A Qualtrics survey was administered with ethnicity, age, and gender as controls, while testing patient responses to social factors using the Likert scale. The survey was targeted to a portion of the clinic’s patient pool (n=33) over a span of three months and responses were analyzed using SPSS 26 regression analysis, ANOVA, and paired sample T-tests. Significant responses were across demographics, categories of impact, and pre/post COVID-19. Results show that access to fresh foods was severely impacted by COVID-19 (t = -3.19, p< 0.05). Linear regression models show a correlation between difficulty accessing healthcare and medications, before and after COVID-19, indicating that the pandemic may have exacerbated pre-existing barriers to treatment (correlation = 0.810). Financial status has been the most affected with many patients indicating changes in employment or income status. 55% of the participants noted a greater use of savings or retirement money to make ends meet. A moderate correlation (0.471) was found between the use of public transportation prior to the pandemic and transportation barriers during the pandemic. We have decided to compile resources to address the needs based on the study results. Future research includes a longitudinal, follow-up survey to gauge any changes. Limitations include the study sample size and participation bias among the patient population.


Medicine and Health Sciences