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Jinping Xu, MD

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Wayne State University

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Research Abstract

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Active surveillance (AS) is currently the preferred initial option for patients with low risk prostate cancer (PC). AS requires patients to undergo regular office visits with periodic testing. We measured patient compliance to NCCN guidelines for AS through review of medical record abstractions.


White and Black patients (n=221) with newly diagnosed low-risk PC on AS identified through a population-based cancer registry were surveyed at baseline (4 months after diagnosis) and at 2 year follow-up. 186 medical records reviewed and confirmed the AS protocol and compliance. Patient self-reported data were then compared with medical records data.


Of the 186 patients who initially on AS, 151 remained on AS at 2 year follow-up. Overall, 55.2% (n=90) were guideline-concordant of having at least three PSA tests and one prostate biopsy during 2 year follow-up. Patients more likely guideline-concordant for PSA testing than guideline-concordant with prostate biopsy (76.7% vs. 66.9 %, respectively).


Majority of patients on AS in this sample follow practice guidelines, but there is significant variation in the proportion of men on AS that meet guideline recommendations for follow-up PSA testing and repeat biopsy. These data highlight the need for further patients and providers education that emphasize the need of repeated testing including prostate biopsies to ensure safety of AS.


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