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Eric Ayers, M.D

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Wayne State University School of Medicine

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Research Abstract

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Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) in 2018 formed Learning Communities (LCs), that facilitate student engagement, comradery, and mentoring. These programs include medical student-premed, near-peer, and faculty/attending mentorships. There has been an identified gap in mentorship between near-peer and faculty/attending mentorship, and that is near-peer mentors at WSUSOM have yet to complete the residency process to guide other students through it. Moreover, faculty/attending mentors are more removed from residency and may not have relevant advice for students. As resident physicians are recent graduates, they are more likely to provide relevant insight about residency applications, academic challenges, and efficiency than attendings. We aim to assess the extent of the gap between faculty/attending and peer mentorships. MS4 at WSUSOM (N=33) self-reported their: confidence in transitioning to residency; the gaps they believe such mentorship will fill; and whether they, themselves, would participate in an MS-resident fellowship program. Results indicated that MS4s feel somewhat confident in their abilities to transition to residency. They believe that a resident-MS mentorship would help in the interview and application process, as well as, the residency program choosing process. Furthermore, if given the opportunity, all the students would consider joining the program. We are currently looking at Wayne State School of Medicine MS4’s proficiency in leadership, empathy and communication via a likert scale, and using this to drive our implementation of our program. We hope to implement a student-resident mentorship program, to reassure students on their journey to residency.


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Leadership | Medicine and Health Sciences