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Joseph Gardinier

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Henry Ford Hospital System

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Osteocytes serve as a sensory network that responds to dynamic loading of the skeleton and play a crucial role in regulating bone mass while maintaining bone quality [1]. Osteocytes’ induction of bone formation in response to loading is extremely age dependent, such that clinical studies have shown exercise to be less and less effective as we age [2,3]. As a result, modifying osteocytes’ mechanosensitivity may enable older adults to better capitalize on the anabolic nature of exercise to increase bone mass and reduce fracture risk. Based on our previous work, P2Y2 activation down-regulates the mechanosensitivity of bone cells by increasing actin-stress fiber formation, and thereby presents a novel mechanism that limits the anabolic response to loading [4]. Therefore, the central hypothesis states that inhibiting P2Y2 activity can enhance the anabolic response to loading. To test this hypothesis, the anabolic response to exercise was examined by treating adult mice, which typically display a minimal response, with the P2Y2 inhibitor AR-C118925XX.


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