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Dr. Asim Kagzi

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Wayne State University School of Medicine

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Research Abstract

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Objective: Physical inactivity is a significant contributor to many acute and chronic medical conditions. While the dangers of physical inactivity are well understood and physicians have a desire to address them, a lack of education in exercise prescription (ERx) may be a barrier to properly prescribing exercise to patients. The aim of this research was to explore the need for ERx education amongst students and physicians in training and determine the effectiveness of ERx didactic.

Methods: A one hour curriculum was developed based on the American College of Sports Medicine principles of ERx. Pre- and post-surveys were administered immediately before and after curriculum session to Wayne State School of Medicine medical students and residents to assess perceived ERx education level and confidence levels for prescribing aerobic and anaerobic exercise to patients. Virtual curriculum sessions were held over Zoom.

Results: A total of 144 pre-survey and 119 post-survey results were analyzed. Mean perceived ERx education level significantly increased from 4.67/10 + 1.98 to 7.35/10 + 1.56 (P<.001). Mean confidence level discussing PA with patients, ability to answer exercise related questions, confidence level in ability to prescribe aerobic exercise, and ability to prescribe anaerobic exercise significantly increased in all groups and overall (P<.001)

Conclusion: A one-hour session to educate medical students and residents on how to write an ERx improved perceived knowledge and confidence in this subject matter. Further study is needed to determine long term knowledge retention and the impact on ERx behavioral practice in a patient care setting.


Medical Education | Medicine and Health Sciences