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Charles S. Day, MD, MBA

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Henry Ford Health System - Orthopedics Dept.

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INTRODUCTION: This study aims to develop a novel decision aid packet (DAP) for hand surgery patients deciding between Wide-Awake-Local-Anesthesia-No-Tourniquet (WALANT) and traditional anesthesia.



The DAP was developed following International Patient Decision Aid Standards.


Alpha Testing

Seven hand surgeons experienced in WALANT and traditional surgeries belonging to the WALANT Research Consortium in the U.S. commented on the DAP through three rounds of editing utilizing the Delphi method. Seven patient advocates provided readability feedback.

Beta Testing

Orthopedic hand surgery patients were assigned to the control or experimental group. The experimental group was given the DAP pre-surgery. Both groups completed a validated regret scale at follow-up. A paired t-test was conducted to analyze the difference between average scores on the regret scale and pre- and post-DAP knowledge tests (p

RESULTS: The experimental group (n=58) demonstrated a 145% increase (p

DISCUSSION: Increased knowledge test scores following the DAP suggest that patients are better informed after DAP usage. Low decisional conflict scores suggest that the DAP increases patients’ confidence. Lower average regret scale scores among the experimental group indicate a relationship between DAP administration and reduced post-surgical regret. The greater patient preference for WALANT following DAP usage, alongside the lower postoperative regret, elucidates a general preference in informed patients towards the WALANT modality.


Medicine and Health Sciences


The authors would like to acknowledge the attendings, residents, and staff at Henry Ford Orthopedics for their continued mentorship and support.