First Aid First: Implementation and Evaluation of a Community-based First Aid Training Course

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Kristiana Kaufmann, MD

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Emergency Medicine

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Research Abstract

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In 2018, medical students at Wayne State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) created a first aid training initiative called First Aid First (FAF). FAF is a comprehensive community-based training program that teaches lifesaving skills tailored for Detroit. The objective of this initiative was to improve the confidence and basic first aid skills of those who attend trainings.

Pre- and post-test surveys were used to measure knowledge, confidence and skill level. The survey data gathered from March 2018-October 2019 consisted of 5 Likert scale questions for self-evaluation component and 23-25 multiple choice questions, number depending on time of administration due to continual curriculum revisions.

A total of 404 Detroit community members were trained. The median age was 40.9 and 30% had no previous first aid training. Using a Likert scale (1= strongly disagree and 5= strongly agree), participants stated that post-training they were confident with responding to a medical emergency (4.4/5; p-value< 0.0001). Pre- and post-test scores showed significant improvement.

FAF has been effective in the Detroit community. Participants have reported increased self-efficacy and basic first aid knowledge. With more community members knowledgeable about first aid, more bystanders can respond to a medical emergency.


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