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Dr. Lindsay Petersen

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Henry Ford Health System

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Research Abstract

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The aim of this study is to assess the success of implementation of a telemedicine clinic in a benign breast surgery practice, and the hypothesis was that some women may feel uncomfortable virtually discussing breast complaints and problems. Twelve women seen as new patients in the benign breast surgery clinic and scheduled for surgery were asked if they were interested in having their post-operative visit performed virtually. Demographic information was also collected. Ages ranged from 24 to 77 years, and distance from the hospital ranged from 4.3 miles to 14.3 miles. Of the 12 women surveyed, 8 women were interested in the telemedicine visits. The 4 women that declined were either not active on the patient portal, not active on the computer, or without access to a computer, and their ages ranged from 52-77. The 8 women that were interested in telemedicine ranged in age from 24-67, which was a younger group overall. There was no significant difference in distance from the hospital within the two groups. Of the 8 women who were interested in telemedicine, 2 have completed the post-operative virtual visit without requiring an in-person visit and were satisfied with their virtual visits. There is an opportunity for use of telemedicine in the benign breast clinic for routine post-operative visits. The hypothesis that women would be reluctant to participate due to discomfort with discussing breast problems virtually was not demonstrated. Telemedicine visits can be an important way to personalize care for patients and increase satisfaction.


Medicine and Health Sciences | Surgery | Telemedicine