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Dr. Khaled J. Saleh

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U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

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This review seeks to understand the current existing literature on genetic polymorphisms to VTE following orthopedic surgery. Using PRISMA guidelines, 234 studies were retrieved from PubMed and Cochrane. The eligibility assessment yielded 16 studies including a systematic review. A STREGA and STROBE quality assessment found these studies to have high methodological quality. A significant association was found between the PAI-1 4G/4G genotype and resistance to anticoagulation therapy (OR = 2.692; 95% CI = 1.302 - 4.702). Moreover, the MTHFR C677T and A1298C polymorphisms significantly increased the incidence of VTE in patients that are compound heterozygotes (OR = 2.89; 95% CI = 1.40 – 5.96; p = .006). A significant association was also found for the Factor XI C25264C polymorphism (OR = 2.42; 95% CI 1.16 – 5.03). Finally, SNP rs710446 of the KNG1 gene (OR = 1.27; p = .00016), and SNP rs2069588 in the 3’ UTR of the BDK4B2 (OR = 1.29; p = .00056) were also significantly associated with VTE following orthopedic surgery.


Genetic Processes | Medicine and Health Sciences | Musculoskeletal, Neural, and Ocular Physiology | Orthopedics