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Dr. Pam McAuslan

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University of Michigan-Dearborn

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Social Psychology

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The focus of this study is to examine the relationship between the characteristics of a person’s favorite musical artist and their level of rape myth acceptance (RMA). I asked 115 undergraduates from the subject pool to rate the most frequently mentioned musical artists from the study done by Miller, McAuslan, and Leonard (under review). The participants rated the artists on factors related to sexuality, aggressiveness, narcissism and whether they see these artists as a “role model.” This data is then incorporated with the data from approximately 337 emerging adults from Miller, McAuslan, and Lenoard’s (under review) study who have taken an RMA scale. The results indicated that gender plays a role in RMA and who we identify is our favorite musical artist. However, sexuality, aggression, arrogance and bad/good role model behaviors did not predict RMA scores. Results provides further evidence for gender’s role in RMA and the identification and parasocial interaction theory and provides direction for further research to extinguish rape myths and the acceptance of such myths.


Medicine and Health Sciences