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This paper reports on the preliminary results from a pilot study conducted to examine library and information science (LIS) students' perceptions of their level of preparation for becoming culturally competent LIS professionals. Students participated in an electronic survey, which contained a Likert Scale measuring three areas of cultural competence: self awareness, education, and interaction. A gap analysis technique was employed to detect discrepancies between students' prior knowledge and actual learning relative to cultural competence. This article discusses student-reported gaps in knowledge for the section of the questionnaire on "Education." Students indicated that all of the concepts introduced in this section were important to learn but their level of knowledge gained varied from no or low levels to moderate levels of actual learning.


Education | Library and Information Science


This article is the author's pre-print version of the forthcoming publication:

Kumasi, K. and Franklin Hill, R. (October 2011). Are we there yet? Results of a gap analysis to measure LIS students' prior knowledge and actual learning of cultural competence concepts. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 52(4).

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