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This paper reports the results of a survey of student satisfaction with electronic library resources beyond the online catalog at Wayne State University. Undertaken in Fall Term 2000 as a class project for a marketing course, a student team designed, administered, and analyzed a survey sent to a 10% random sample (2,965) of all students with a return rate of 9.41% (271). Almost 40% of the responding students said that they were unaware of electronic resource though 53.8% of these same students answered subsequent questions about use of these resources. Students aware of electronic resources learned about them much more from their professors (38.3%) than from library efforts to publicize them (18.5%). Students were generally satisfied (68%) except when things went wrong. A high percentage of all students (92.4%) answered that the library should continue to expand electronic resources.


Library and Information Science


This is the author's post print originally appearing in Journal of Access Services. Vol. 2, No. 1, 2004, pp. 41-62.