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Citizenship in the Humanities and Social Sciences is a selective bibliography consisting of citations to works published during the years 2000-2009 on citizenship-related topics in the humanities and social sciences. Primarily consisting of books/chapters and scholarly journal articles, the bibliography also includes other materials (case studies, reports, dissertations, and working papers) for which scholarship, authority and relevance have been established. Most cited works are published in the English language, although articles published in other languages using a Latin alphabet are also included. Citations were retrieved during January-March 2010 from a variety of aggregated databases accessed through the Wayne State University Library System, including ProQuest, EbscoHost, and WorldCat.

This bibliography was prepared for the Center for the Study of Citizenship, Wayne State University. The bibliography is compiled by the students enrolled in the Advanced Online Searching (LIS 7160) class in the Winter 2010 semester at the School of Library and Information Science, Wayne State University.


Anthropology | Arts and Humanities | Business | Civic and Community Engagement | Communication | Economics | Education | Geography | History | Law | Library and Information Science | Medicine and Health Sciences | Political Science | Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Sociology


Faculty Advisor and editor: Dr. Hermina G.B. Anghelescu; Editor: James E. Van Loon; Student Contributors: Cassandra Barnett, Erika D. Brock, Lauren Campbell, Katherine Gregg, James E. Van Loon, Jaclyn J. Wroblewski, Stephanie R. Yera, Philip Zupon