Biomedical Engineering

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Harini G. Sundararaghavan

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In the event of peripheral nerve injury, loss of function may occur as the result of a severed nerve. Hollow nerve gap conduits are used to provide a protected environment for nerves to reconnect and regain function, although therapies for nerve gaps larger than 3 cm lack a stable environment for nerves to reconnect. Development of a nerve guide conduit filler has been proposed to mimic the cell’s microenvironment. This would lead to increased functional regeneration. We are aiming to create a biomaterial to act as a filler for the hollow nerve gap conduits to promote functional regeneration of the severed nerves. We have hypothesized that cell behavior can be altered by providing electrical stimulation through electroactive nanofibers. Objectives include optimization of material recovery/testing, comprehensive material characterization, and cell viability tests.


Bioelectrical and Neuroengineering | Molecular, Cellular, and Tissue Engineering