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Archivists have long debated the nature of archival internships and practicum requirements as components of archival education. Advocates cite these requirements as the best way for emerging archivists to acquire hands-on training, while critics worry they can be used to further student exploitation and a devaluation of professional archivists’ labor. This presentation examined requirements in graduate archives programs and compared them to accepted guidelines for internships in the archives profession and the American economy at large. These presentations draw on original survey data collected by the presenters from educational programs listed on the Society of American Archivists’ Directory of Archival Education.


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This presentation was given at the Michigan Archival Association's annual meeting on June 11th, 2015. The presentation was part of a panel of three discussions that examined internships in the field of archives ( For greater context about what the presenters discussed, please consult the slide notes in the file. The slides were co-authored and co-presented by Meghan Courtney and Gavin Strassel.