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Dimensional Changes in the Skulls of Ancient Children with Age in Xinjiang, China
LI HAIJUN, Jing Zhou, Yujie Zhou, Feng Chen, Hailong Zhang, Chang Fu, Bo Wang, and Xiaoyong Xiao


Lead Bioaccessibility and Commonly Measured Soil Characteristics (Detroit, MI, USA) – PHASE 1
Sabrina R. Good, Allison R. Harris, Patrick Crouch, Conor T. Gowan, William D. Shuster, and Shawn P. McElmurry


Library Publishing Curriculum Introduction Module: Introduction Narrative
Cheryl E. Ball, Harrison Inefuku, Johanna Meetz, Joshua Neds-Fox, Reggie Raju, Célia Regina de Oliveira Rosa, Chelcie Rowell, Kate Shuttleworth, John Warren, and Sarah Wipperman

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