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Cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) barcode sequences in this file were obtained from specimens collected by plankton net in western Lake Erie in 2012 & 2013, along with later specimens collected at various locations and times, including some collected in Belize in 2015. Methods and other details about these sequences are described in a paper by the same authors in a submitted publication (2021: URL to be given here when published). The right columns below contain additional notes on lengths of sequences, GenBank accession ID (when obtained), and annotation as to whether the sequence represents a new barcode for its genus or species taxon. According to our experience, a DNA identity of >96.5% with previous GenBank barcodes is a reliable range for determining a species level barcode for that morpho species; a DNA identity of 90.5% to 96.5% with previous barcodes is sufficient to identify genus. DNA identities within these ranges are considered to be "barcode confirmations." Conversely, DNA identities outside of these ranges are considered to be new barcodes for that species or genus, respectively. Contradictions with previous GenBank sequences are discussed in the manuscript. The submitted manuscript includes the highest percentage identity to a previous sequence in GenBank as determined by BLASTN in June2021. The FASTA file name given here begins with a Ram Lab ID number-location and date of collection with format varying somewhat between various collections/collectors but generally including several (usually three) location letters (e.g., BHL stands for Blue Heron Lagoon) and the date usually in a 6-character format of MMDDYY, and optionally a sample number for that date either preceding the location letters or following the date. Collection location abbreviations include the following: All sequences starting with PM, Toledo Harbor in western Lake Erie; LMUSK, Lake Muskoday, Belle Isle, Detroit; SCL, Saint Clair River; BHL, Blue Heron Lagoon, Belle Isle; LE, LakeErie; LSC, Lake St.Clair; MMLE; Metzgers Marsh, LakeErie; MM, Metzgers Marsh; LP, Leonard Preserve, Manchester, Michigan; HR, Huron River Drive, Ypsilanti, Michigan; LCL, Little Cedar Lake, Orion, MI; HLE, Harbor Lake Erie; LHLE, Lorain Harbor Lake Erie; BZEB1P, Cenote in Shipstern Reserve, Corozal, Belize, Central America.


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This version 2022.01.24. Original version titled "The biodiversity of freshwater Crustaceans as revealed by taxonomy and mitochondrial DNA barcodes." This version includes references.