The research interests of our Departmental faculty members are diverse yet complementary, reflective of the discipline of pharmacology. Although many labs work on research projects that span multiple areas, the concentrations of research excellence within the Department can be broadly divided as follows:

Cancer Biology

Faculty members working in this area study the role of specific cell signaling mechanisms in cancer (particularly breast and brain cancer) invasion and metastasis, as well as cancer chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, and genetics.

Neuroscience / Neuropharmacology

Faculty members working in this area study neuronal function at many levels of analysis, ranging from the most basic mechanisms regulating neuronal transcription, excitation and transmitter release to the treatment of CNS disorders.

Cell Biology

Faculty members within this group study many fundamental cellular processes using a variety of pharmacological probes. Special areas of emphasis include signal transduction via heterotrimeric G proteins, post-translational protein modifications, membrane trafficking, toxicology and drug metabolism.


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