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Objective: To describe the perceptions of pharmacist-delivered vaccination services among community members that live in a diverse urban metropolitan area and to identify potential strategies to improve the use of vaccines provided by pharmacists.

Design: Qualitative study. Setting: Metropolitan urban diverse community in Wayne County, MI.

Participants: Individuals 50 years of age and older that reside in a defined urban metropolitan community.

Intervention: Four, 45-minute, focus group discussions were conducted to gather the experiences and perceptions of participants around pharmacists that immunize. A focus group guide was developed to facilitate focus group sessions.

Main Outcome Measures: Focus group discussions were audio-recorded and transcribed. Content analysis was used to analyze data and identify relevant themes.

Results: Three main themes were identified related to the use of pharmacist-delivered vaccination services: trust with vaccine providers, interaction with pharmacy personnel, and the factor of accessibility.

Conclusion: Study participants expressed views that will guide the development of interventions aimed to reduce disparities in vaccine utilization. It is suggested that future efforts improve accessibility to pharmacy-delivered vaccines in this community and enhance the interaction between patients and pharmacists.


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