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January 2021

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Chemical Engineering and Materials Science

First Advisor

Da Deng


Environmental pollution and energy crisis are two of the major obstacles in the development of a more sustainable society. It is an interesting but technically challenging task to design novel methods for the facile and scalable synthesis of multifunctional materials for applications in both energy storage and environmental remediation. In this thesis, I tried to design and synthesize novel nanostructured materials for energy and environmental applications, achieved highly promising results. I developed a facile electrochemical approach to synthesize the zinc oxide with the zinc element for photocatalytic reactions. It demonstrated dramatically improved performances in degradation of organic pollutant in water, using a dye as a model. In another effort, I tried to develop integrated electrode materials for highly stable and high-energy cathodes for lithium batteries. The as-prepared Fe-V based cathode materials can be cycled over 100 cycles delivery a relatively high capacity of 200 mAh/g. The encouraging results revealed that further research should be carried out.

Available for download on Friday, January 06, 2023