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Open Access Thesis

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January 2011

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Social Work

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Arlene N. Weisz


The current research seeks to understand how social work students and social work professionals increase their knowledge about AD/HD and how they formulate their attitudes about the disorder. The literature provided illustrates the many components of AD/HD risks, etiology, treatments, and professional opinions about the disorder. AD/HD is one of the most studied childhood mental health disorders in the nation. However, there is little research providing insight to social workers' knowledge and attitudes about the disorder. This is especially alarming because social workers are one of the largest professional populations to provide mental health services to children and their families. Practitioners' knowledge and attitudes about the disorders has an impact on the patient-clinician relationship. It can have an affect on the likelihood that the client will adhere to the treatment plan and it affects the professional relationship between the clinician and other treatment professionals.