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WSU Access

Date of Award

January 2019

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Education Evaluation and Research

First Advisor

Shlomo S. Sawilowsky


Satisfaction and motivation of employees is a subject that has been the object of study among organizations and administration. With the increasing competitiveness of the market, it is therefore necessary for employers to explore various aspects that can ultimately increase profits. It is therefore necessary to find viable tools for the study of these same factors. Questionnaires have been used as an important method of assessing the degree of motivation and satisfaction; however, most are outdated. So, this study’s aim was to determine the reliability and internal factor structure of the “Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire” to explore the state of job satisfaction among the staff in Taibah University, Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The questionnaire was distributed to Taibah University employees. The sample were drawn using convenience non-random sampling technique. Data was computed in an SPSS (ver 25) database. The questionnaire’s reliability and validity were then assessed.

There was a total of 689 valid answers to the questionnaire (94.9% respondents). Cronbach's alpha for the 36 items that the questionnaire assessed had a value of α=0.951. Results from this research were able to identify 6 dimensions of similar responses that were grouped among the 36 questions.

The alpha value obtained was 0.951 for all the 36 items, translates as high reliability of the questionnaire. Furthermore, The reliability of the subscale (Factor 1-6) suggests the Cronbach’s Alpha of .918, .893, .890, .790, .784 and .784 could be interpreted .959, .946, .977, .951, .981 and .979 given a full length subscale of 36 items through Spearman-Brown Prophecy; however, some studies have shown that alpha values that are too high can also indicate that some questions are redundant and thus not necessary in the questionnaire. Because Cronbach's formula does not make assumptions regarding the homogeneity of the inter-item variances-covariance, it wasn’t possible to evaluate the internal factor structure of the questionnaire.

Motivation and satisfaction among employees are very complex. Questionnaires have proved to be an effective tool to assess employee satisfaction. This study showed the “Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire” has good reliability; however, there is still the need of further studies to assess its validity.

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