Iot Based Edge And Cloud Computing For Smart Environmental Engineering Applications

Javad Roostaei, Wayne State University


Earth’s environment is currently facing many challenges. To protect the environment, we need to gather data, analyze it and make decisions based on that, which usually is expensive and the amount of data needed is substantial. Internet of Things (IoT) is a trend that helps the collecting of data and information to be less expensive and mostly in real-time.

This research is one of the primary research that tries to push the application of IoT and Edge Computing sensor technologies in the field of environmental engineering. The aim is to reduce the cost and improve battery life operation and the latency. In this thesis, we reviewed the previous research and presented some of the applications of IoT and Edge computing in our work. Additionally, some machine learning and image processing applications have been developed. Projects that we worked in this thesis are: 1) Algae Wastewater Treatment; 2) Superfund Sites and Landfill Monitoring; and 3) Lake Erie Algal Bloom Monitoring

The results indicate that in our sensor package by utilizing energy saver code, we can reduce the amount of data transmission by 50% and increase the duration of operation by 130%. Besides that, techno-economic analysis shows that is a potential for cost reduction in some of the web service applications.