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Open Access Thesis

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January 2017

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Biological Sciences

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Lori A. Pile


The proteins that comprise the Drosophila SIN3 220 and SIN3 187 complexes are currently known. Limited information with regard to interacting complex member proteins has been described. Much of these data are results of high-throughput investigations, and there have been no studies done to reconstitute all direct interactions within the complex. The unique C-terminal region of the SIN3 220 isoform was used to test for interactions with other complex proteins using the bacterial expression system. Additionally, the region of Caf1-55 necessary for interaction with SIN3 in vivo was identified using a truncation mutant. The results of this work identified novel protein interactions as well as novel regions of Caf1-55 required to maintain certain protein interactions in vivo. This study gives a clearer understanding of direct interacting partners within the Drosophila SIN3 complex as well as raising interesting questions regarding their role in gene regulation.