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Open Access Thesis

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January 2017

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Mechanical Engineering

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Omid S. Abianeh


Turbulent spray combustion of n-dodecane was modeled at engine relevant conditions using various combustion models (Direct Integration of Chemistry and Flamelet Generated Manifolds) and turbulence models (Dynamic Structure Large Eddy Simulation and RNG Reynolds-Averaged Naiver-Stokes). A recently developed n-dodecane mechanism was utilized and the turbulent spray was simulated at various combustion chamber initial gas temperature and pressure conditions. Mesh with size of 31 microns was utilized to resolve small eddies around the spray. The pressure-based ignition delay, flame lift-off length, and spray and jet penetrations were studied and compared with experimental measurements. The Direct Integration of Chemistry and Flamelet Generated Manifolds using various turbulence models are in agreement with measured data.