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Open Access Thesis

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January 2017

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Nutrition and Food Science

First Advisor

Kequan Zhou


Scientists tend to pay a lot attention to probiotics in recent years, due to its health related benefits for humans. Encapsulation is a necessary way to protect probiotics from being killed by harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, and to help probiotics to release in the intestinal environment. This study is mainly focusing on the encapsulation technique of Christensenella minuta, and the food product development of C. minuta beads. The extrusion technique was applied as the encapsulation method, with alginate as the encapsulation material. The effect of single encapsulation and double encapsulation of C. minuta was compared to determine the layers of encapsulation. Long term stability experiments of double encapsulation C. minuta beads indicated that the beads formed by the extrusion technique is stable and maintains the viability, which was 107.95 CFU/mg to 107.84 CFU/mg. Gelatin jelly and drinkable jelly were developed as potential probiotic food products in the study. Animal experiments and clinical trials are still required to test the feature of C. minuta beads for future study.